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CHARLES HOUSKA ARTWORK: Colorful, bold, intense art that commands attention and triggers a smile that’s the essence of artist Charles E. Houska’s work. He creates his own pop-art style, using a whimsical cast of characters and bright colors, bordered “obsessively” by black lines.  Houska constantly focuses his energies on creating new, bold, fun art to make people smile. His studio and gallery are located in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, MO, were he works as an independent artist.

HOUSKA STUDIO  314-496-1377.
Though Houska’s art has been called “instantly gratifying” and “energizing” by art critics, Houska simply views his art as an escape from the gloom and doom of the real world. There is no hidden message, political or religious meaning. “I paint for light-hearted, open minded people of all ages,” he says. Will Houska’s art appeal to you? You be the judge. He personally invites you to peruse his online gallery.